The Netflix Curse

I accept over six hundred books on my account list, a lot of of which I own. Some of them I’ve never apprehend before, others I wish to reread. They counterbalance on my apperception and ataxia up my room. Some I wish to apprehend so I can analysis them for my blog, Lover’s Quarrel, and others just attending like fun. Everywhere I about-face in my house, there are endless of books to be read. I accept four account apps on my buzz as well.

But too generally I about-face to Netflix if I accept some chargeless time. I adulation Netflix. With all of its shows and movies absolute for binge-watching, I acquisition myself searching advanced to marathoning That 70’s Appearance (again) instead of absent to apprehend Voyager by Diana Gabaldon for a brace of hours. Don’t get me wrong, I adulation reading. And there accept been affluence of times in my action if I adopted account to watching TV. But afterwards starting academy and again demography on agriculture as a summer job, I accept to acknowledge that my account habits accept actively diminished. I even had to yield a abrupt aperture from Lover’s Quarrel because I didn’t accept any added books to analysis and couldn’t acquisition the will to apprehend any more.

Ironically, Netflix became my chargeless time action of best for the aforementioned acumen I adopt books to TV: it takes beneath acuteness and energy. All of the architect and sounds are provided for me so I don’t accept to absorb adored brainy activity and imagination, which gets actively depleted during the academy year.

But Netflix bound becomes a abandoned cycle. It’s too appetizing to watch it if I accept the activity to read, or even if I should be working. Luckily, there are means to get me abroad from Netflix and aback to reading, afar from unsubscribing to Netflix (let’s not get too crazy).

Listening to music or white babble has helped a lot. It gives me the aforementioned dispatch as the audio on a TV show, so it keeps my account distraction-free. I accept a white babble app that I like, and I’ve begin some absolutely acceptable “Music for Reading” videos on YouTube. Audiobooks aswell accompany me abroad from Netflix because I can affiliate or apple-pie while alert to them.

However, the a lot of able affair I’ve begin to get me abroad from Netflix is to accumulate binge-watching. No, seriously. Already I’ve begin an amazing appearance and I get a huge attraction over it, I can’t stop watching it until I run out of episodes. And afterwards I’ve run out of episodes, added TV shows are broke for me for awhile. That happened with Stranger Things and I’m abiding it’ll appear already I hit division 8 of That 70’s Show. Since all TV is broke for me anyway, the best affair I can do is acquisition a book that I apperceive will be as addictive as a acceptable television series. And that will yield me abroad from Netflix. In the meantime, I’ll accept to accomplish myself apprehend while I ride out my television craze.